Inspired by Tea - The 1st German Tea Festival, Bremen 2012

Stay a while, savour, be inspired - this event is all about tea. About the fascination exerted by diverse tea cultures and all that is worth knowing about the subject. If you believe the legend, the Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung discovered the healing and ritual beverage of tea totally by chance - almost 5000 years ago.

Tea is more: not just a delicious drink, but a symbol for a particular attitude to life that takes the Japanese tea ceremony, the "Way of Tea", as a model for a holistic lifestyle. True strength comes from calmness. Tea enthusiasts will take their time strolling through a unique exhibition - the 1st German Tea Festival. The HanseLife Bremen venue sets the scene for this very first and exclusive consumer exhibition in Germany, which offers a remarkable variety of exhibitors all involved in the enjoyment of tea and the tea shop, from the East Frisian tea ceremony to Japanese green tea to the utensils for the "Way of Tea".

In addition, the 1st German Tea Festival offers an attractive Programme of Events on the topic of tea - making it an inspiring and memorable day for the visitors.